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Smoke and Ash Plumes Spew From Guatemala’s Pacaya Volcano

Smoke and ash plumes from the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala were seen rising into the sky near Guatemala City on Wednesday, March 3. CONRED,...

As 3LAU makes $11.6m from NFT sales, his management company eyes more auctions for more artists

YMU hails 'exciting opportunity to monetize new aspects of creative output' Source

Michelle Ovens CBE shares her thoughts on Budget 2021

We spoke to Michelle Ovens CBE to find out her thoughts on Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget 2021 to see if it was what she had hoped for. Read more: Michelle Ovens CBE shares her thoughts on Budget 2021

Nigerian team builds first-of-its-kind technology for Microsoft

Microsoft Mesh, a new mixed-reality platform powered by Azure – that allows people in different physical locations to join and share holographic experiences on many kinds of devices, was launched on Tuesday by Microsoft. The team of engineers behind the technology mostly worked from Lagos, Nigeria’s most populated commercial city. Mixed-reality technology allows real and […]

Nigeria sinking under weight of petrol subsidy as FG fails to act

A costly failure which has hobbled Nigeria over the last three decades is repeating itself in a spectacular way. Every day in Africa’s most populous nation, an incredible N1.8bn is lost to a profligate policy called petrol subsidy or so-called under recovery — that is, the difference between real and fixed price of petrol. This […]

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